MERV13 Filter
MERV13 Filter

MERV13 Filter

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MERV13 Mask Filter- Face Mask Filter- Reusable Filter- micro filter

MERV13 FilterDOME (TM)
I designed this Dome shape to cover the nose and mouth while allowing extra room to breath

*Mask is composed of 3 layers:
-2 non woven, super thin iron on interfacing sandwiching the MERV13 material - barriers you from droplets, and from clogging the MERV13 filter

- 1 Merve 13 filter layer (filters particles to 0.3 microns)

*MERV13 is far superior to the standard charcoal filters which filter particles 2.5microns

These filters are made from household air filter material manufactured to filter out small particles and is advertised as Electrostatic material

•manufacturer claims “designed to trap microscopic particles down to .03 microns. Removes fine dust, allergies, pollen, pet dander, bacteria, certain viral particles and other airborne irritants." It has a rating of MERV 13” ... which means it traps 75% of particles .03 microns to 1 micron.


Standard size is aprox. 7” x 4.5”
Custom sizing available -request personalization.

This filter will fit right into the pocket of the shaped face masks and conform to the contours of your face. It provides better coverage than a rectangular filter, especially at the nose. The tucks are glued in place, not sewn. Sewing makes tiny holes which defeats the purpose of the filter. Glue makes the seal, not holes.

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Disclaimer: This product increases your protection by no means 100% effective.